Go contactless with Yas Theme Parks!

The first theme parks in the region to adopt cutting-edge contactless technology with FacePass.

Free up your hands and enjoy a contactless experience at Yas Theme Parks! With FacePass, you don’t need physical tickets or passes to enter the parks, you can simply enter using facial recognition. Facial recognition is also available for in-park purchases for a seamless, faster and a more convenient shopping and dining experience.

Use facial recognition to enter Yas Theme Parks by following 6 simple steps:

For payments with facial recognition please follow the additional steps:

Register now and receive 10% discount on dining and shopping* at Yas Theme Parks when you use FacePass.

*Available at select outlets only

Contact us

For assistance, please get in touch with us through Yas Concierge, call us from 8:00am - 08:00pm GST (Gulf Standard Time) or send us an email.