All about me

He's a tiny little bundle of innocence in a cage. Right? No way! Tweety might be little and cute, singing away in his cage, but when Sylvester shows up with lunch on his mind, the birdie gloves come off.

Tough as a hawk and just as sassy, ain't no way Tweety is letting Sylvester make a meal of him... Come check out his strength on the Tweety Wild Wockets and Ani-Mayhem rides in Cartoon Junction, and see if you can spot him on the streets of the land.

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Tweety Wild Wockets

Tweety Wild Wockets

Watch out kids; that bad ol’ puddy tat Sylvester is sneakin’ around! Spin awound and awound as you and Tweety bird try to steer clear.

Acme Factory

ACME Factory

Come, be a product tester on the factory floor for the iconic ACME Corporation! Spiral net climbs, suspended rope bridges, crawl tubes, tunnel mazes and much more.